Dom, Epsom Surrey

After reading about Reiki to help relieve anxiety issues I have had for many years, I was doubtful it would help me but decided to give it a go. I contacted Sharon and after a brief chat regarding my issues we agreed that Reiki could be beneficial to me.

After a one hour session the initial benefit I felt from Reiki was the ability to relax. I felt I was dealing with my issue from a completely different angle. I now strongly believe Reiki will help me in the future. I’ve even slept better since my initial visit so already feel I’m on the right track. After chatting with Sharon after my session I now feel ready to continue my Reiki treatment and although I’ve a long way to go I feel at last I have found something positive to help combat my issues and will be trying regular Reiki sessions in the future.

Thanks Sharon for your help/advice and I will be seeing you very soon to continue my treatment.