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Our services These are carried out by me Sharon, I am a fully certified and insured practitioner with wide knowledge and experience in the area of Reiki, I offer a confidential, friendly, open, hospitable and nurturing approach to each and every being. The treatment space is in my home and is always clean, comfortable, safe and adjusted to suit your personal preferences to maximize the positive effects and the enjoyment from your Reiki treatment.

I apply Reiki 'Energy Healing' for the wellness of the Body and Mind to provide Relief from both Physical and Psychological issues.

Reiki 'Energy Healing' can be either 'Face to Face' i.e. 'Hands-On' OR 'Virtual' i.e. Distance Healing as per your choice, we cater for the following issues:

Physical e.g. Certain Conditions, please enquire.

Psychological/Mental e.g. Emotional, Anxiety and Depression.

OCD & PTSD - although I can help you to relax and reduce the associated anxiety, you will need to be referred to a Trained Counsellor.

Duration 45 minutes to 1 hour treatment time (It isn’t possible to conduct a thorough and personal consultation and treatment in less than 45 minutes).

Disabled/Easy Access

We have Lifts in my block of flats for those in a wheelchair or who have difficulty with stairs.

NB I offer Reiki as a Volunteer in a cancer support centre.


REIKI Healing Always Helping

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Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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Reiki is a natural non invasive healing technique applied by channelling energy where needed for the mind, body and spirit leaving you more relaxed and in tune.

Reiki treatments are given by the practitioner using different hand positions to allow a natural flow of energy to pass through so that you receive the correct amount of energy to restore balance within.

Reiki can also be done successfully by the practitioner remotely i.e. over distance.

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