An uplifting story!

A friend of mine went into the hospital for some reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer. After a couple of weeks, I saw her husband and inquired about her health. He was devastated and told me that she had developed a severe infection and had been running a fever of 104 degrees for several days and the doctors did not know where it was coming from. He said they believed her organs could begin to shutdown. I asked permission to visit her the next day, which he later called to tell me she accepted, and I began to send Reiki to her immediately. Upon my arrival the next morning, she looked wonderful! I asked her how she was and she said it was amazing. She woke up that morning and her temperature was completely normal. She felt great! The doctors had no explanation for her healing. She then asked me to explain Reiki to her and before I had finished, she took my hands and placed them on the site of her infection, closed her eyes and said, “Just do it.” My friend is now home recuperating with her family. I thank God everyday for her health and this beautiful gift of Reiki.