Reiki and Chakras

Reiki is known as a very useful and powerful force and a tool that can open your spiritual healing side. Trained Reiki Practitioners of all ages, experience and skill levels will have gone through what is … Read More

Reiki For Children?

Reiki treatments are safe and non-invasive. Children can benefit the calming practice of Reiki as it has the potential to relax them both mentally and physically. Commencing Reiki as a child can benefit in many ways … Read More


Try some relaxing, renewing, refreshing reiki. We all need a little help. Reiki is a non invasive, natural way of getting calm back. And everyone benefits.


I just thought I would share today’s experience:- I had  a very distressed client today. He was unable to sleep, therefore his problems seemed too great to overcome and came to me as he had been … Read More


Today I had a client who was very grateful for the reiki he had received from me. I focused on his tense shoulders for a long time. He left feeling uplifted and his neck and shoulders … Read More